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Complete Hedge Plant Installations

At Providence Nursery Farms, we offer sales and complete installations of hedge plants to the residents of Monroe, NC. With a huge variety to choose from, we have something for everyone. Our team will be more than happy to help you design a unique hedge for decorative or practical function.

We're proud of the service we've provided over the past 35 years. Get a FREE estimate on our services. Call us today for the highest quality of landscape contracting services. 

Tips for a Healthy Lawn and Plants

  • Allow fescue to grow to 6 inches before cutting it to 4 inches. Taller grass will screen out crabgrass and grow deeper roots
  • In hot weather above 90 degrees, cut fescue once every two weeks
  • Water only once a week for 60 minutes for fescue under irrigation and 30 minutes for drip line plants
  • Fertilize fescue with Scotts Turf Builder in February, 16-4-8 in May, and Scotts WinterGuard in October
  • Fertilize plants once a year with 14-14-14 or 18-6-12 Osmocote in April
  • Fertilize any plant with Miracle-Gro in April, May, June, and July only for fast top growth
  • Trim plants after they bloom
  • Preemergence on planting beds in February, June, and September
  • Preemergence on the lawn when you're not reseeding after your new grass has been cut 4 times. Scotts Halts preemergence up to 4 months and is applied February and June only
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